Bsc. I.T.

Security in Computing Syllabus

I Information Security Overview: The Importance of Information Protection, The Evolution of Information Security, Justifying Security Investment, Security Methodology, How to Build a Security Program, The Impossible Job, The Weakest Link, Strategy and Tactics, Business Processes vs. Technical Controls.

Risk Analysis: Threat Definition, Types of Attacks, Risk Analysis.

Secure Design Principles: The CIA Triad and Other Models, Defense Models, Zones of Trust, Best Practices for Network Defense.
II Authentication and Authorization: Authentication, Authorization

Encryption: A Brief History of Encryption, Symmetric-Key Cryptography, Public Key Cryptography, Public Key Infrastructure.

Storage Security: Storage Security Evolution, Modern Storage Security, Risk Remediation, Best Practices.

Database Security: General Database Security Concepts, Understanding Database Security Layers, Understanding Database-Level Security, Using Application Security, Database Backup and Recovery, Keeping Your Servers Up to Date, Database Auditing and Monitoring.
III Secure Network Design: Introduction to Secure Network Design, Performance, Availability, Security.

Network Device Security: Switch and Router Basics, Network Hardening.

Firewalls: Overview, The Evolution of Firewalls, Core Firewall Functions, Additional Firewall Capabilities, Firewall Design.

Wireless Network Security: Radio Frequency Security Basics, Data-Link Layer Wireless Security Features, Flaws, and Threats, Wireless Vulnerabilities and Mitigations, Wireless Network Hardening Practices and Recommendations, Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Wireless Network Positioning and Secure Gateways.
IV Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems: IDS Concepts, IDS Types and Detection Models, IDS Features, IDS Deployment Considerations, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

Voice over IP (VoIP) and PBX Security: Background, VoIP Components, VoIP Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures, PBX, TEM: Telecom Expense Management.

Operating System Security Models: Operating System Models, Classic Security Models, Reference Monitor, Trustworthy Computing, International Standards for Operating System Security.
V Virtual Machines and Cloud Computing: Virtual Machines, Cloud Computing.

Secure Application Design: Secure Development Lifecycle, Application Security Practices, Web Application Security, Client Application Security, Remote Administration Security.

Physical Security: Classification of Assets, Physical Vulnerability Assessment, Choosing Site Location for Security, Securing Assets: Locks and Entry Controls, Physical Intrusion Detection.

Security in Computing Practicals

Practical NoDetails
1 Configure Routers
a OSPF MD5 authentication.
b NTP.
c to log messages to the syslog server.
d to support SSH connections.
2 Configure AAA Authentication
a Configure a local user account on Router and configure authenticate on the console and vty lines using local AAA
b Verify local AAA authentication from the Router console and the PC-A client
3 Configuring Extended ACLs
a Configure, Apply and Verify an Extended Numbered ACL
4 Configure IP ACLs to Mitigate Attacks and IPV6 ACLs
a Verify connectivity among devices before firewall configuration.
b Use ACLs to ensure remote access to the routers is available only from management station PC-C.
c Configure ACLs on to mitigate attacks.
d Configuring IPv6 ACLs
5 Configuring a Zone-Based Policy Firewall
6 Configure IOS Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Using the CLI
a Enable IOS IPS.
b Modify an IPS signature.
7 Layer 2 Security
a Assign the Central switch as the root bridge.
b Secure spanning-tree parameters to prevent STP manipulation attacks.
c Enable port security to prevent CAM table overflow attacks.
8 Layer 2 VLAN Security
9 Configure and Verify a Site-to-Site IPsec VPN Using CLI
10 Configuring ASA Basic Settings and Firewall Using CLI
a Configure basic ASA settings and interface security levels using CLI
b Configure routing, address translation, and inspection policy using CLI
c Configure DHCP, AAA, and SSH
d Configure a DMZ, Static NAT, and ACLs

Security in Computing Reference Books

Title The Complete Reference: Information Security
Authors Mark Rhodes-Ousley
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Edition 2nd
Year 2013
Download Here
Title Essential Cybersecurity Science
Authors Josiah Dykstra
Publisher O’Reilly
Edition 5th
Year 2017
Download Here
Title Principles of Computer Security: CompTIA Security+ and Beyond
Authors Wm.Arthur Conklin, Greg White
Publisher McGraw Hill
Edition 2nd
Year 2010
Download Here