Bsc. I.T.

Imperative Programming Syllabus

I Introduction: Types of Programming languages, History, features and application. Simple program logic, program development cycle, pseudocode statements and flowchart symbols, sentinel value to end a program, programming and user environments, evolution of programming models., desirable program characteristics.

Fundamentals: Structure of a program. Compilation and Execution of a Program, Character Set, identifiers and keywords, data types, constants, variables and arrays, declarations, expressions, statements, Variable definition, symbolic constants.
II Operators and Expressions: Arithmetic operators, unary operators, relational and logical operators, assignment operators, assignment operators, the conditional operator, library functions.

Data Input and output: Single character input and output, entering input data, scanf function, printf function, gets and puts functions, interactive programming.
III Conditional Statements and Loops:Decision Making Within A Program, Conditions, Relational Operators, Logical Connectives, If Statement, If-Else Statement, Loops: While Loop, Do While, For Loop. Nested Loops, Infinite Loops, Switch Statement

Functions: Overview, defining a function, accessing a function, passing arguments to a function, specifying argument data types, function prototypes, recursion, modular programming and functions, standard library of c functions, prototype of a function: foo1lal parameter list, return type, function call, block structure, passing arguments to a function: call by reference, call by value.
IV Program structure: Storage classes, automatic variables, external variables, static variables, multifile programs, more library functions,

Preprocessor: Features, #define and #include, Directives and Macros

Arrays: Definition, processing, passing arrays to functions, multidimensional arrays, arrays and strings.
V Pointers: Fundamentals, declarations, Pointers Address Operators, Pointer Type Declaration, Pointer Assignment, Pointer Initialization, Pointer Arithmetic, Functions and Pointers, Arrays And Pointers, Pointer Arrays, passing functions to other functions

Structures and Unions: Structure Variables, Initialization, Structure Assignment, Nested Structure, Structures and Functions, Structures and Arrays: Arrays of Structures, Structures Containing Arrays, Unions, Structures and pointers.

Imperative Programming Practicals

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1 Basic Programs:
a Write a program to display the message HELLO WORLD.
b Write a program to declare some variables of type int, float and double. Assign some values to these variables and display these values.
c Write a program to find the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of two numbers.
2 Programs on variables:
a Write a program to swap two numbers without using third variable.
b Write a program to find the area of rectangle, square and circle.
c Write a program to find the volume of a cube, sphere, and cylinder.
3 Conditional statements and loops(basic)
a Write a program to enter a number from the user and display the month name. If number >13 then display invalid input using switch case.
b Write a program to check whether the number is even or odd.
c Write a program to check whether the number is positive, negative or zero.
d Write a program to find the factorial of a number.
e Write a program to check whether the entered number is prime or not.
f Write a program to find the largest of three numbers.
4 Conditional statements and loops(advanced)
a Write a program to find the sum of squares of digits of a number.
b Write a program to reverse the digits of an integer.
c Write a program to find the sum of numbers from 1 to 100.
d Write a programs to print the Fibonacci series.
e Write a program to find the reverse of a number.
f Write a program to find whether a given number is palindrome or not.
g Write a program that solve the quadratic equation
h Write a program to check whether the entered number is Armstrong or not.
i Write a program to count the digit in a number
5 Programs on patterns:
a Programs on different patterns.
6 Functions.
a Programs on Functions.
7 Recursive functions
a Write a program to find the factorial of a number using recursive function.
b Write a program to find the sum of natural number using recursive function.
8 Arrays
a Write a program to find the largest value that is stored in the array.
b Write a program using pointers to compute the sum of all elements stored in an array.
c Write a program to arrange the ‘n’ numbers stored in the array in ascending and descending order.
d Write a program that performs addition and subtraction of matrices.
e Write a program that performs multiplication of matrices.
9 Pointers
a Write a program to demonstrate the use of pointers.
b Write a program to perform addition and subtraction of two pointer variables.
10 Structures and Unions
a Programs on structures.
b Programs on unions.

Imperative Programming Reference Books

Title Programming with C
Authors Byron Gottfried
Publisher Tata McGRAW-Hill
Edition 2nd
Year 1996
Download Here
Title Programming Logic and Design
Authors Joyce Farell
Publisher Cengage Learning
Edition 8th
Year 2014
Download Here
Title “C” Programming”
Authors Brian W.Kernighan and Denis M.Ritchie.
Publisher PHI
Edition 2nd
Download Here
Title Let us C
Authors Yashwant P.Kanetkar,
Publisher BPB publication
Download Here
Title C for beginners
Authors Madhusudan Mothe
Publisher X-Team Series
Edition 1st
Year 2008
Download Here
Title C 21st Century C
Authors Ben Klemens
Publisher OReilly
Edition 1st
Year 2012
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