Bsc. I.T.

Artificial Intelligence Syllabus

I Introduction: What is Artificial Intelligence? Foundations of AI, history, the state of art AI today.

Intelligent Agents: agents and environment, good behavior, nature of environment, the structure of agents.
II Solving Problems by Searching: Problem solving agents, examples problems, searching for solutions, uninformed search, informed search strategies, heuristic functions.

Beyond Classical Search: local search algorithms, searching with non- deterministic action, searching with partial observations, online search agents and unknown environments.
III Adversarial Search: Games, optimal decisions in games, alpha-beta pruning, stochastic games, partially observable games, state-of-the-are game programs.

Logical Agents: Knowledge base agents, The Wumpus world, logic, propositional logic, propositional theorem proving, effective propositional model checking, agents based on propositional logic.
IV First Order Logic: Syntax and semantics, using First Order Logic, Knowledge engineering in First Order Logic.

Inference in First Order Logic: propositional vs. First Order, unification and lifting, forward and backward chaining, resolution.
V Planning: Definition of Classical Planning, Algorithms for planning as state space search, planning graphs, other classical planning approaches, analysis of planning approaches, Time, Schedules and resources, hierarchical planning, Planning and Acting in Nondeterministic Domains, multiagent planning,

Knowledge Representation: Categories and Objects, events, mental events and objects, reasoning systems for categories, reasoning with default information, Internet shopping world

Artificial Intelligence Practicals

Practical NoDetails
1a Write a program to implement depth first search algorithm.
1b Write a program to implement breadth first search algorithm.
2a Write a program to simulate 4-Queen / N-Queen problem.
2b Write a program to solve tower of Hanoi problem.
3a Write a program to implement alpha beta search.
3b Write a program for Hill climbing problem.
4a Write a program to implement A* algorithm.
4b Write a program to implement AO* algorithm.
5a Write a program to solve water jug problem.
5b Design the simulation of tic – tac – toe game using min-max algorithm.
6a Write a program to solve Missionaries and Cannibals problem.
6b Design an application to simulate number puzzle problem.
7a Write a program to shuffle Deck of cards.
7b Solve traveling salesman problem using artificial intelligence technique.
8a Solve the block of World problem.
8b Solve constraint satisfaction problem
9a Derive the expressions based on Associative law
9b Derive the expressions based on Distributive law
10a Write a program to derive the predicate.
(for e.g.: Sachin is batsman , batsman is cricketer) - > Sachin is Cricketer.
10b Write a program which contains three predicates: male, female, parent. Make rules for following family relations: father, mother, grandfather,grandmother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew and niece, cousin.
i. Draw Family Tree
ii. Define: Clauses, Facts, Predicates and Rules with conjunction and disjunction

Artificial Intelligence Reference Books

Title Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
Authors Stuart Russel and Peter Norvig
Publisher Pearson
Edition 3rd
Year 2015
Download Here
Title A First Course in Artificial Intelligence
Authors Deepak Khemani
Publisher TMH
Edition 1st
Year 2017
Download Here
Title Artificial Intelligence: A Rational Approach
Authors Rahul Deva
Publisher Rahul Deva
Edition 1st
Year 2018
Download Here
Title Artificial Intelligence
Authors Elaine Rich, Kevin Knight and Shivashankar Nair
Publisher TMH
Edition 3rd
Year 2009
Download Here
Title Artificial Intelligence & Soft Computing for Beginners
Authors Anandita Das Bhattacharjee
Publisher SPD
Edition 1st
Year 2013
Download Here