Bsc. I.T.

Internet of Things Syllabus

I The Internet of Things: An Overview :he Flavour of the Internet of Things, The “Internet” of “Things”, The Technology of the Internet of Things, Enchanted Objects, Who is Making the Internet of Things?

Design Principles for Connected Devices: Calm and Ambient Technology, Magic as Metaphor, Privacy, Keeping Secrets, Whose Data Is It Anyway? Web Thinking for Connected Devices, Small Pieces, Loosely Joined, First-Class Citizens On The Internet, Graceful Degradation, Affordances.

Internet Principles: nternet Communications: An Overview, IP, TCP, The IP Protocol Suite (TCP/IP), UDP, IP Addresses, DNS, Static IP Address Assignment, Dynamic IP Address Assignment, IPv6, MAC Addresses, TCP and UDP Ports, An Example: HTTP Ports, Other Common Ports, Application Layer Protocols, HTTP,

HTTPS: Encrypted HTTP, Other Application Layer Protocols.
II Thinking About Prototyping: Sketching, Familiarity, Costs versus Ease of Prototyping, Prototypes and Production, Changing Embedded Platform, Physical Prototypes and Mass Personalisation, Climbing into the Cloud, Open Source versus Closed Source, Why Closed? Why Open? Mixing Open and Closed Source, Closed Source for Mass Market Projects, Tapping into the Community.

Prototyping Embedded Devices: Electronics, Sensors, Actuators, Scaling Up the Electronics, Embedded Computing Basics, Microcontrollers, System-on-Chips, Choosing Your Platform, Arduino, Developing on the Arduino, Some Notes on the Hardware, Openness, Raspberry Pi, Cases and Extension Boards, Developing on the Raspberry Pi, Some Notes on the Hardware, Openness.
III Prototyping the Physical Design: Preparation, Sketch, Iterate, and Explore, Nondigital Methods, Laser Cutting, Choosing a Laser Cutter, Software, Hinges and Joints, 3D Printing, Types of 3D Printing, Software, CNC Milling, Repurposing/Recycling.

Prototyping Online Components: Getting Started with an API, Mashing Up APIs, Scraping, Legalities, Writing a New API, Clockodillo, Security, Implementing the API, Using Curl to Test, Going Further, Real-Time Reactions, Polling, Comet, Other Protocols, MQ Telemetry Transport, Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, Constrained Application Protocol.
IV Techniques for Writing Embedded Code: Memory Management, Types of Memory, Making the Most of Your RAM, Performance and Battery Life, Libraries, Debugging

Business Models: A Short History of Business Models, Space and Time, From Craft to Mass Production, The Long Tail of the Internet, Learning from History, The Business Model Canvas, Who Is the Business Model For? Models, Make Thing, Sell Thing, Subscriptions, Customisation, Be a Key Resource, Provide Infrastructure: Sensor Networks, Take a Percentage, Funding an Internet of Things Startup, Hobby Projects and Open Source, Venture Capital, Government Funding, Crowdfunding, Lean Startups.
V Moving to Manufacture: What Are You Producing? Designing Kits, Designing Printed circuit boards, Software Choices, The Design Process, Manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards, Etching Boards, Milling Boards. Assembly, Testing, Mass-Producing the Case and Other Fixtures, Certification, Costs, Scaling Up Software, Deployment, Correctness and Maintainability, Security, Performance, User Community.

Ethics: Characterizing the Internet of Things, Privacy, Control, Disrupting Control, Crowdsourcing, Environment, Physical Thing, Electronics, Internet Service, Solutions, The Internet of Things as Part of the Solution, Cautious Optimism, The Open Internet of Things Definition.

Internet of Things Practicals

Practical NoDetails
0 Starting Raspbian OS, Familiarising with Raspberry Pi Components and interface, Connecting to ethernet, Monitor, USB.
1 Displaying different LED patterns with Raspberry Pi.
2 Displaying Time over 4-Digit 7-Segment Display using Raspberry Pi
3 Raspberry Pi Based Oscilloscope
4 Controlling Raspberry Pi with WhatsApp.
5 Setting up Wireless Access Point using Raspberry Pi
6 Fingerprint Sensor interfacing with Raspberry Pi
7 Raspberry Pi GPS Module Interfacing
8 IoT based Web Controlled Home Automation using Raspberry Pi
9 Visitor Monitoring with Raspberry Pi and Pi Camera
10 Interfacing Raspberry Pi with RFID.
11 Building Google Assistant with Raspberry Pi.
12 Installing Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi

Internet of Things Reference Books

Title Designing the Internet of Things
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Publisher WILEY
Edition 1st
Year 2014
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Title Internet of Things – Architecture and Design
Authors Raj Kamal
Publisher McGraw Hill
Edition 1st
Year 2017
Download Here
Title Getting Started with the Internet of Things
Authors Cuno Pfister
Publisher O’Reilly
Edition 6th
Year 2018
Download Here
Title Getting Started with Raspberry Pi
Authors Matt Richardson and Shawn Wallace
Publisher SPD
Edition 3rd
Year 2016
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