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Cyber Laws Syllabus

I Power of Arrest Without Warrant Under the IT Act, 2000: A Critique, Crimes of this Millennium, Section 80 of the IT Act, 2000 – A Weapon or a Farce? Forgetting the Line Between Cognizable and Non-Cognizable Offences, Necessity of Arrest without Warrant from Any Place, Public or Otherwise, Check and Balances Against Arbitrary Arrests, Arrest for “About to Commit” an Offence Under the IT Act: A Tribute to Draco, Arrest, But NO Punishment!

Cyber Crime and Criminal Justice: Penalties, Adjudication and Appeals Under the IT Act, 2000: Concept of “Cyber Crime “ and the IT Act , 2000, Hacking, Teenage Web Vandals, Cyber Fraud and Cyber Cheating, Virus on the Internet, Defamation, Harassment and E-mail Abuse, Cyber Pornography, Other IT Act Offences, Monetary Penalties, Adjudication and Appeals Under IT Act , 2000, Network Service Providers, Jurisdiction and Cyber Crime, Nature of Cyber Criminality, Strategies to Tackle Cyber Crime and Trends, Criminal Justice in India and Implications on Cyber Crime.
II SContracts in the Infotech World: Contracts in the Infotech World, Click-Wrap and Shrink-Wrap Contract: Status under the Indian Contract Act, 1872, Contract Formation Under the Indian Contract Act, 1872, Contract Formation on the Internet, Terms and Conditions of Contracts.

Jurisdiction in the Cyber World: Questioning the Jurisdiction and Validity of the Present Law of Jurisdiction, Civil Law of Jurisdiction in India, Cause of Action, Jurisdiction and the Information Technology Act,2000, Foreign Judgements in India, Place of Cause of Action in Contractual and IPR Disputes, Exclusion Clauses in Contracts, Abuse of Exclusion Clauses, Objection of Lack of Jurisdiction, Misuse of the Law of Jurisdiction, Legal Principles on Jurisdiction in the United State of America, Jurisdiction Disputes w.r.t. the Internet in the United State of America.
III Battling Cyber Squatters and Copyright Protection in the Cyber World: Concept of Domain Name and Reply to Cyber Squatters, Meta-Tagging, Legislative and Other Innovative Moves Against Cyber Squatting, The Battle Between Freedom and Control on the Internet, Works in Which Copyright Subsists and meaning of Copyright, Copyright Ownership and Assignment, License of Copyright, Copyright Terms and Respect for Foreign Works, Copyright Infringement, Remedies and Offences, Copyright Protection of Content on the Internet; Copyright Notice, Disclaimer and Acknowledgement, Downloading for Viewing Content on the Internet, Hyper-Linking and Framing, Liability of ISPs for Copyright Violation in the Cyber World: Legal Developments in the US, Napster and its Cousins: A Revolution on the Internet but a Crisis for Copyright Owners, Computer Software Piracy.
IV E-Commerce Taxation: Real Problems in the Virtual World: A Tug of War on the Concept of ‘Permanent Establishment’, Finding the PE in Cross Border E-Commerce, The United Nations Model Tax Treaty, The Law of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements and Taxable Jurisdiction Over Non-Residents, Under the Income Tax Act, 1961, Tax Agents of Non-Residents under the Income Tax Act,1961 and the Relevance to E-Commerce, Source versus Residence and Classification between Business Income and Royalty, The Impact of the Internet on Customer Duties, Taxation Policies in India: At a Glance.

Digital Signature, Certifying Authorities and E-Governance: Digital Signatures, Digital Signature Certificate, Certifying Authorities and Liability in the Event of Digital Signature Compromise, E-Governance in India: A Warning to Babudom!
V The Indian Evidence Act of 1872 v. Information Technology Act, 2000: Status of Electronic Records as Evidence, Proof and Management of Electronic Records; Relevancy, Admissibility and Probative Value of E-Evidence, Proving Digital Signatures, Proof of Electronic Agreements, Proving Electronic Messages, Other Amendments in the Indian Evidence Act by the IT Act, Amendments to the Bankers Books Evidence Act, 1891 and Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934.

Protection of Cyber Consumers in India: Are Cyber Consumers Covered Under the Consumer Protection Act? Goods and Services, Consumer Complaint, Defect in Goods and Deficiency in Services, Restrictive and Unfair Trade Practices, Instances of Unfair Trade Practices, Reliefs Under CPA, Beware Consumers, Consumer Foras, Jurisdiction and Implications on cyber Consumers in India, Applicability of CPA to Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers and Service Providers Based in Foreign Lands Whose Goods are Sold or Services Provided to a Consumer in India.
Amendments in Indian IT Act 2000

Cyber Laws Reference Books

Title Cyber Law Simplified
Authors Vivek Sood
Publisher TMH Education
Year 2001
Download Here
Title Cybersecurity Law
Authors Jeff Kosseff
Publisher Wiley
Year 2017
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