Bsc. I.T.

Green Computing Syllabus

I Overview and Issues: Problems: Toxins, Power Consumption, Equipment Disposal, Company’s Carbon Footprint: Measuring, Details, reasons to bother, Plan for the Future, Cost Savings: Hardware, Power.

Initiatives and Standards: Global Initiatives: United Nations, Basel Action Network, Basel Convention, North America: The United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, WEEE Directive, RoHS, National Adoption, Asia: Japan, China, Korea.
II Minimizing Power Usage: Power Problems, Monitoring Power Usage, Servers, Low-Cost Options, Reducing Power Use, Data De-Duplication, Virtualization, Management, Bigger Drives, Involving the Utility Company, LowPower Computers, PCs, Linux, Components, Servers, Computer Settings, Storage, Monitors, Power Supplies, Wireless Devices, Software.

Cooling: Cooling Costs, Power Cost, Causes of Cost, Calculating Cooling Needs, Reducing Cooling Costs, Economizers, On-Demand Cooling, HP’s Solution, Optimizing Airflow, Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle, Raised Floors, Cable Management, Vapour Seal, Prevent Recirculation of Equipment Exhaust, Supply Air Directly to Heat Sources, Fans, Humidity, Adding Cooling, Fluid Considerations, System Design, Datacentre Design, Centralized Control, Design for Your Needs, Put Everything Together
III Changing the Way of Work: Old Behaviours, starting at the Top, Process Reengineering with Green in Mind, Analysing the Global Impact of Local Actions, Steps: Water, Recycling, Energy, Pollutants, Teleworkers and Outsourcing, Telecommuting, Outsourcing, how to Outsource.

Going Paperless: Paper Problems, The Environment, Costs: Paper and Office, Practicality, Storage, Destruction, Going Paperless, Organizational Realities, Changing Over, Paperless Billing, Handheld Computers vs. the Clipboard, Unified Communications, Intranets, What to Include, Building an Intranet, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Nuts and Bolts, Value Added Networks, Advantages, Obstacles.
IV Recycling: Problems, China, Africa, Materials, Means of Disposal, Recycling, Refurbishing, Make the Decision, Life Cycle, from beginning to end, Life, Cost, Green Design, Recycling Companies, Finding the Best One, Checklist, Certifications, Hard Drive Recycling, Consequences, cleaning a Hard Drive, Pros and cons of each method, CDs and DVDs, good and bad about CD and DVDs disposal, Change the mind-set, David vs. America Online

Hardware Considerations: Certification Programs, EPEAT, RoHS, Energy Star, Computers, Servers, Consolidation, Products, Hardware Considerations, Planned Obsolescence, Packaging, Toxins, Other Factors, Remote Desktop, Using Remote Desktop, Establishing a Connection, In Practice
V Greening Your Information Systems: Initial Improvement Calculations, Selecting Metrics, Tracking Progress, Change Business Processes, Customer Interaction, Paper Reduction, Green Supply Chain, Improve Technology Infrastructure, Reduce PCs and Servers, Shared Services, Hardware Costs, Cooling.

Staying Green: Organizational Check-ups, Chief Green Officer, Evolution, Sell the CEO, SMART Goals, Equipment Check-ups, Gather Data, Tracking the data, Baseline Data, Benchmarking, Analyse Data, Conduct Audits, Certifications, Benefits, Realities, Helpful Organizations

Green Computing Practicals

Project and Viva Voice
1 A project should be done based on the objectives of Green Computing. A report of minimum 50 pages should be prepared. The report should have a font size of 12, Times new roman and 1.5 line spacing. The headings should have font size 14. The report should be hard bound.
2 The project can be done individually or a group of two students
3 The students will have to present the project during the examination.
4 A certified copy of the project report is essential to appear for the examination.

Green Computing Reference Books

Title Green IT
Authors Toby Velte, Anthony Velte, Robert Elsenpeter
Publisher McGraw Hill
Year 2008
Download Here
Title Green Data Center: Steps for the Journey
Authors Alvin Galea, Michael Schaefer, Mike Ebbers
Publisher Shroff Publishers and Distributers
Year 2011
Download Here
Title Green Computing and Green IT Best Practice
Authors Jason Harris
Publisher Emereo
Download Here
Title Green Computing Tools and Techniques
for Saving Energy, Money and Resources
Authors Bud E. Smith
Publisher CRC Press
Year 2014
Download Here