Bsc. I.T.

Core Java Syllabus

I Introduction: History, architecture and its components, Java Class File, Java Runtime Environment, The Java Virtual Machine, JVM Components, The Java API, java platform, java development kit, Lambda Expressions, Methods References, Type Annotations, Method Parameter Reflection, setting the path environment variable, Java Compiler And Interpreter, java programs, java applications, main(), public, static, void, string[] args, statements, white space, case sensitivity, identifiers, keywords, comments, braces and code blocks, variables, variable name

Data types: primitive data types, Object Reference Types, Strings, Auto boxing, operators and properties of operators, Arithmetic operators, assignment operators, increment and decrement operator, relational operator, logical operator, bitwise operator, conditional operator.
II Control Flow Statements: The If…Else If…Else Statement, The Switch…Case Statement

Iterations: The While Loop, The Do … While Loop, The For Loop, The Foreach Loop, Labeled Statements, The Break And Continue Statements, The Return Statement

Classes: Types of Classes, Scope Rules, Access Modifier, Instantiating Objects From A Class, Initializing The Class Object And Its Attributes, Class Methods, Accessing A Method, Method Returning A Value, Method's Arguments, Method Overloading, Variable Arguments [Varargs], Constructors, this Instance, super Instance, Characteristics Of Members Of A Class, constants, this instance, static fields of a class, static methods of a class, garbage collection.
III Inheritance: Derived Class Objects, Inheritance and Access Control, Default Base Class Constructors, this and super keywords.

Abstract Classes And Interfaces: Abstract Classes, Abstract Methods, Interfaces, What Is An Interface? How Is An Interface Different From An Abstract Class?, Multiple Inheritance, Default Implementation, Adding New Functionality, Method Implementation, Classes V/s Interfaces, Defining An Interface, Implementing Interfaces.

Packages: Creating Packages, Default Package, Importing Packages, Using A Package.
IV Enumerations, Arrays: Two Dimensional Arrays, Multi-Dimensional Arrays, Vectors, Adding Elements To A Vector, Accessing Vector Elements, Searching For Elements In A Vector, Working With The Size of The Vector.

Multithreading: the thread control methods, thread life cycle, the main thread, creating a thread, extending the thread class.

Exceptions: Catching Java Exceptions, Catching Run-Time Exceptions, Handling Multiple Exceptions, The finally Clause, The throws Clause

Byte streams: reading console input, writing console output, reading file, writing file, writing binary data, reading binary data, getting started with character streams, writing file, reading file
V Event Handling: Delegation Event Model, Events, Event classes, Event listener interfaces, Using delegation event model, adapter classes and inner classes.

Abstract Window Toolkit:

Layouts: Flow Layout, Grid Layout, Border Layout, Card Layout.

Core Java Practicals

Practical NoDetails
1 Java Basics
a Write a Java program that takes a number as input and prints its multiplication table upto 10.
b Write a Java program to display the following pattern.
c Write a Java program to print the area and perimeter of a circle.
2 Use of Operators
a Write a Java program to add two binary numbers.
b Write a Java program to convert a decimal number to binary number and vice versa.
c Write a Java program to reverse a string.
3 Java Data Types
a Write a Java program to count the letters, spaces, numbers and other characters of an input string.
b Implement a Java function that calculates the sum of digits for a given char array consisting of the digits '0' to '9'. The function should return the digit sum as a long value
c Find the smallest and largest element from the array
4 Methods and Constructors
a Designed a class SortData that contains the method asec() and desc().
b Designed a class that demonstrates the use of constructor and destructor.
c Write a java program to demonstrate the implementation of abstract class.
5 Inheritance
a Write a java program to implement single level inheritance.
b Write a java program to implement method overriding
c Write a java program to implement multiple inheritance.
6 Packages and Arrays
a Create a package, Add the necessary classes and import the package in java class.
b Write a java program to add two matrices and print the resultant matrix.
c Write a java program for multiplying two matrices and print the product for the same.
7 Vectors and Multithreading
a Write a java program to implement the vectors.
b Write a java program to implement thread life cycle.
c Write a java program to implement multithreading.
8 File Handling
a Write a java program to open a file and display the contents in the console window.
b Write a java program to copy the contents from one file to other file.
c Write a java program to read the student data from user and store it in the file.
9 GUI and Exception Handling
a Design a AWT program to print the factorial for an input value.
b Design an AWT program to perform various string operations like reverse string, string concatenation etc.
c Write a java program to implement exception handling.
10 GUI Programming.
a Design an AWT application that contains the interface to add student information and display the same.
b Design a calculator based on AWT application.
c Design an AWT application to generate result marks sheet.

Core Java Reference Books

Title Core Java 8 for Beginners
Authors Vaishali Shah, Sharnam Shah
Publisher SPD
Edition 1st
Year 2015
Download Here
Title Java: The Complete Reference
Authors Herbert Schildt
Publisher McGraw Hill
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Year 2014
Download Here
Title Murach’s beginning Java with Net Beans
Authors Joel Murach , Michael Urban
Publisher SPD
Edition 1st
Year 2016
Download Here
Title Core Java, Volume I: Fundamentals
Authors Hortsman
Publisher Pearson
Edition 9th
Year 2013
Download Here
Title Core Java, Volume II: Advanced Features
Authors Gary Cornell and Hortsman
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Title Core Java: An Integrated Approach
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