Bsc. I.T. - Advanced Mobile Programming
Bsc. I.T.

Advanced Mobile Programming Practicals

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1 Introduction to Android, Introduction to Android Studio IDE, Application Fundamentals: Creating a Project, Android Components, Activities, Services, Content Providers, Broadcast Receivers, Interface overview, Creating Android Virtual device, USB debugging mode, Android Application Overview. Simple “Hello World” program.
2 Programming Resources: Android Resources: (Color, Theme, String, Drawable, Dimension, Image)
3 Programming Activities and fragments: Activity Life Cycle, Activity methods, Multiple Activities, Life Cycle of fragments and multiple fragments.
4 Programming Activities and fragments: Coordinate, Linear, Relative, Table, Absolute, Frame, List View, Grid View.
5 Programming UI elements: AppBar, Fragments, UI Components
6 Programming menus, dialog, dialog fragments:
7 Programs on Intents, Events, Listeners and Adapters: The Android Intent Class, Using Events and Event Listeners
8 Programs on Services, notification and broadcast receivers
9 Database Programming with SQLite
10 Programming threads, handles and asynchronized programs
11 Programming Media API and Telephone API
12 Programming Security and permissions
13 Programming Network Communications and Services (JSON)