Bsc. I.T.

What is Bsc. I.T.?

Bsc. I.T. is a 3 year course in India and like any other Bachelor course, an undergraduate course.

In India after completing S.S.C and H.S.C one can apply for this bachelor degree from Science and Commerce stream provided it has Mathematics subject included in the H.S.C. Even the students who have completed their diploma of 3 years after S.S.C can also pursue this course directly from the 2nd year.

The B.Sc. Information Technology programme was started in 2001 with an aim to make the students employable and impart industry oriented training. The main objectives of the course are:

  1. to think analytically, creatively and critically in developing robust, extensible and highly maintainable technological solutions to simple and complex problems.
  2. to apply their knowledge and skills to be employed and excel in IT professional careers and/or to continue their education in IT and/or related post graduate programmes.
  3. to be capable of managing complex IT projects with consideration of the human, financial and environmental factors.
  4. to work effectively as a part of a team to achieve a common stated goal.
  5. to adhere to the highest standards of ethics, including relevant industry and organizational codes of conduct.
  6. to communicate effectively with a range of audiences both technical and non-technical.
  7. to develop an aptitude to engage in continuing professional development.

Bsc. I.T. VS Bsc. C.S.

Both courses are of same duration of time i.e. 3 years. Bsc in Computer science needs mathematical theory of Computers, whereas in Bsc IT, focus is on database, network, software and on applications of computer science. Bsc IT students will learn about the syntax of language and how they can use different features of language(s) to create good software application while the Bsc-CS students will learn about the structure and processing of that language on mathematical basis.

Difference between IT in BSc and IT in BE

Both BSc-IT and BE-IT (Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology) have comparatively same course content however BE-IT takes four years to complete the degree and it needs engineering entrance test before taking admission whereas B.Sc-IT candidates become eligible on their marks secured in mathematics.

BSc IT Course Structure

As expressed earlier one will complete this course in three years of span however typically this course is split into six semesters. Each year consists of two semesters. Each semester typically contains five subjects and for every subject there are practicals or case studies and a theory exam in the ending of each semester.

In the last semester, students needs to produce software project on the basis of knowledge gained. The university conducts exams throughtout the year. Although in the first two years, the college does the assesment for the paper provided by the university and there is no center during examinations. The last year is however conducted purely by unviversity. Assesment by University and Centers are applicable in the last year.

Skills after completing course

B.Sc I.T is a lot inclined towards application of computing. It doesn't mean it has no theory at all; it's combination of theory and applications.

There is good scope in B.Sc I.T if you're genuinely curious about technology because you'll learn different types of programming language, database technologies, networking and more. All this things will certainly assist you to extend your horizon in the world of information technology and computing

The new syllabus is aimed to achieve the objectives. The syllabus spanning three years covers the industry relevant courses. The students will be ready for the jobs available in different fields like:

  1. Software Development (Programming)
  2. Website Development
  3. Mobile app development
  4. Embedded Systems Programming
  5. Embedded Systems Development
  6. Software Testing
  7. Networking
  8. Database Administration
  9. System Administration
  10. Cyber Law Consultant
  11. GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  12. IT Service Desk
  13. Security

Opportunities after B.Sc IT

Subsequent to finishing Bsc-IT one can get to be equipped for doing number of employments in the domain of Information Technology. Still employment profile relies on general expertise set and viable learning one has picked up in educational modules. For instance one can get assignment like programming engineer, web designer, software tester, database director or system head, network engineer.

One can also decide on to go for master’s degree. This degree can be honoured in variety of streams, for example, Computer Science (MSc CS), Information Technology (MSc IT), Computer Applications (MCA) for case.There are different other vocation choices accessible in the wake of finishing BSc in IT, yet it relies on upon ones interest.