Hello There!

My name is Abdullah and I am a Web Developer and Crytocurrency Miner

I was born in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia, and completed my schooling there itself. After my high school, I moved to Mumbai - India, and am currently pursuaing my Bachelors of Science in Information Technology(Bsc. I.T).

Things I Can Do

I am a web developer typically helping small scale businesses to step up their presence on the internet.

I am also involved in the Cryptocurrency market. I help individuals setting up Mining Rigs which can generate Cryptocurrencies for them.

  • Develop Websites
  • Build Mining Rigs
  • Build Desktops
  • Drink much tea
  • Sleeps a lot

A Few Accomplishments

I do projects for my own fun as well as projects for my clients.

Bsc. I.T Resources

A website dedicated to the students persuaing Bsc. I.T. Here they get all the information they need about the course and reference material.

Cryptocurrency Mining - India

A page about Cryptocurrency Mining where people can get a brief idea about how mining works and how they can generate profit in terms of cryptocurrencies.

Dream Patterns

A company dedicated to guide children to the right path and help them follow their dreams.

Contact Me

Please fill the form below if you want me to make a website for you, or build a mining rig that can get you profits on your investments.